Treelist with Search Deprecated in Sitecore 7.2
Sitecore 7's New Treelist with Search Field Type Deprecated in Sitecore 7.2

In case you haven’t heard, that the Treelist with Search field type was deprecated in Sitecore 7.2 in favor of the Multilist with Search field. This is bad news for those who, like me, were hoping for a Multilist/Treelist with Search field with a tree-view in the selection pane.

The following is from the release notes:

The "Treelist with Search" field type has been deprecated in favor of the "Multilist with Search" field because the functionality and UI is almost identical to the "Multilist with Search" field. The definition item for the field type has been moved to the "Deprecated Field Types" folder in the content tree. (402428)

As you may or may not know, the difference between the Multilist with Search and Treelist with Search field types was merely the fact that the Treelist with Search field allows Content Editors to change the Start Location (root node) of the items that displayed for selection. In Sitecore 7.1, a new parameter, EnableSetNewStartLocation was added for the Multilist with Search field that, if set to true, enables Content Editors to use a Multilist with Search the same way as they would a Treelist with Search. In other words, the adding the following parameter setting to a Multilist with Search field will make said field function like a Treelist with Search field:


For those who are creating new or working on existing Sitecore solutions using earlier versions of Sitecore 7, I highly recommend changing Treelist with Search fields to and using Multilist with Search fields going forward.

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